Thursday, March 17, 2011

screwed up+mess up= hentak pale kat dinding
( cakap cam gaya budak kecik datang umah nak mintak duit raya) a lil bit headache and everything goes wrong these few days especially after went back from JB. i dunno why. maybe im still tired or maybe my time is just around the corner. dun get me wrong ok! not the time to end my life la... is just a time for a normal women who had to faced really stressful moment where there gonna have a circulation blood process and have to say bubbye to the unwanted blood and is not OK when it comes to unbalance hormone in the body. ok..i dunno what im mumbling at, but the point is...PMS is very 'urrrgggghhh' time.know why? because during this time. your mood suddenly swing up here and there. try to messing around with people. suddenly over-joyed( yeah, all of sudden without knowing what,who,where,why,how makes u happy!), suddenly tears fall down though no body is bullying you!haih~ 

don't get what i mean?
yeah..tot vlog speaks well :))

its from maghia elena.the funneh~ blogger 

oh yeah, recently i'd done some mistakes that everyone should said~... "ape kehei dengan budak ni??" 

tereply kat wall sendiri padahal nak reply kat wallpost je T___T

2. tertop up kat nombor lain instead nak top up kat nombor sendiri.
RM 10 lak tue!!bukan 10 rupiah! tapi nak sedapkan ati nye pasal..cakap dalam ati.."xpe la..aku memang niat nak sedekah pon kat orang..lalalalala..T____T "
so, moral of the story: jangan nak gatal-gatal pakai nombor banyak-banyak.hamik ko dah konpius.

what should i do????!!

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