Tuesday, March 22, 2011

why Rebecca why???

dear Rebecca Black, 

im actually kinda proud when a famous u-tube girl like you have a similar name with me.yeah! and luckily you are categorized as a cute girl ( just like me.)  but its just 1 thing that i really2 don't understand. why you shud embarrasing yourself in you-tube???its u-t.u.b.e where everyone is using it. are u out of your mind?? and u almost blowing out my ears and eyes  after watching and listening your video clip which you made it like "im-hot-stuff-richy-girl-here". hey..not only me but to other 258,854 peeps tooi don't understand why and how your song get into itunes?? omjaaayyy~~ i bet u are lucky girl because you get famous because of ugly voice and nonsense lyrics.but seriously..yeah..im seriously want to say..you suck gal.    LOL

your hater.

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