Sunday, March 20, 2011

when anwarhadi speaks out yaw!

ohokay..quite serious issues here.its bout anwar hadi speaks out his thought and opinion on what our first lady aka FL Datin Rosmah Mansor had said in public about tsunami in Malaysia Japan!quite a brave act bro but hey...who might get tooo serious when it involves with government and of course with PM's wife!

but on the other side..i kind a agreed with what he had said. what on earth that climate change and green technology relates with what had happened to Japan? as she talk to our country, Malaysia.yeah, u guys remember rite how tsunami "attack" our country? so..kind of same situation at here rite?

well. people born to make else can we say. ermm...please...take note ok Malaysian..." ini pengajaran utk kita supaya kita lebih concern tentang climate change and green technology" 

ps: salute with u la bro!


cokelathati said...

brave man! and he did a wise action! salute!

rebecca melessa said...

cokelathati: betul2..stuju!!